22 October 2009

potd 19, 20, 21 and 22

Up to date with my photos...

Oct 22 homemade banana loaf ready to be baked

Oct 21 drawing

Oct 20 creating

Oct 19 piles of laundry

20 October 2009

back to it

Had a great weekend away, middle of October and yet we spent most of our time on the beach and some of us in the sea. IT was fab.

Here are my POTD:

Oct 18

Oct 17

Oct 16

Oct 15

15 October 2009

new banner

Created a new banner for the blog using mosaic maker and photoshop, it's looking ok, but haven't worked out how to get rid of the box behind it. Anyone have any suggestions?

14 October 2009

and some more

11 Oct

12 Oct – fresh veg for a homemade soup

13 Oct – sunlight

Oct 14 – walk


Here are my POTD updated:

Oct 8 – ready for work

Oct 9 – girl and her work

Oct 10 – birthday

07 October 2009

POTD 5, 6 and 7 Oct

Here are my pics for the last few days:

Lovely pumpkins growing at school

Autumn is really on it's way

Quirky Kits – mixed media kit

Here is the lovely kit, haven't decided what to make with it yet.....

04 October 2009

lovely little kit and POTD

Here's my POTD for 4.10

A fairly quiet afternoon spent at home, movie watching, playing Polly Pockets and some computer time!

I ordered a kit from Quirky Kits, it's an autumnal mixed media kit and it's loverly! Sadly they aare all sold out, but I'll take a pic of it tomorrow as it's full of lots of little goodies and all for £9!

Check this out...

very excited

to be the GD for Pencil Lines this week!!!!!

03 October 2009

POTD 3.10

Lots of time spent on colouring and writing today and a little homework thrown in. Love all the little drawings that are left around the house.

POTD 2.10

A lovely evening spent at a fashion show, a real treat for me and a good friend, and a goodie bag thrown in too.


Here is the first one, we're enjoying some lovely weather this week and hopefully this pic captures that.