25 November 2009

some lovely christmas things...

Here are a few things I've seen around the internet, little projects for Christmas (as if I don't have enough to do as it is!)

1. Love this idea from Stacy Julian

2. This advent tree by Kate Teague on 2peas

3. Lovely envelope advent calendar by Kelley Purkey

4. Of course the December Daily by Ali Edwards, I like to look at hers alongside the JYC

5. and these cute stockings

So, what's on your list of things to create over the festive season?

23 November 2009

working on a few things..

I've signed up for a Christmas craft fayre, which is next Friday and so far have lots of ideas for things to have on my stall but not a lot of actual finished items. I am going to be very busy these next 2 weeks! But I am really enjoying thinking of ideas and collecting the bits I need to make them too. Here are a few pics...

18 November 2009

Had a bit of a fiddle around with my header and background.... quite like it so far. Any thoughts?

this time last year

I love looking back through my old photos and with iphoto, it is now so easy! I looked up my photos for November 08 and was kind of surprised to see that autumn was still looking golden this time last year. Unlike today, when I look outside it is rainy and cold and bare, no golden leaves to admire. I guess Autumn happened earlier, and it was beautiful, but maybe a little shortlived.

17 November 2009

things to scrap (later!)

After reading todays prompt about using a blog as an organisational tool, it seems like a good idea. I have a lot of photos I LOVE, but then dont get time to scrap them, and then the moment is almost lost. So I have already started going through some photos and saving them in my blog folder to post at some point.

The above picture is lovely as it's Freya's writing and drawing, right now at 5 and a half. She is a girl after my own heart, loves notebooks and pens and pencils. She is always writing lists and little stories. Of course her spelling isn't developed enough yet, but it doesn't matter, it's her journey in creativity I love to see. Her teacher has said that he quietly thinks Freya will be a high flyer and although that's great, what's more important is that she loves to write and to read.

16 November 2009

Well my blog was sadly lacking last week it seems, which is a shame as I was inspired by Shimelles prompts, but sometimes life just gets in the way I guess. As it is late I am just posting a pic, but I hope this week I will be able to spend some more time here – one can but hope!

09 November 2009

lovely light

I love light, natural light that is. I am afraid that I am one of those people who hates to use her flash and loves to go all manual on her camera. I'm still learning of course, but I love the look of photos using the light that is really there. Our lounge is at the front of our house and pretty much south facing, so on a bright day is full of light, it's warm and sunny and lovely. Evidence here.

05 November 2009


I usually work on a Thursday but because my lovely childminder is on holiday this week, I swapped my days, worked yesterday and so today Eliza and I were at home together. After dropping my other two to school, we came home and pretty soon had some guests, my friend Lorna and her little girl Sophie. Time to catch up, have a cup of tea and of course some cakes. During breakfast I quickly whipped up 12 cupcakes, for us to have!! Quite impressive.

Whilst Lorna was here, the phone rang and it was my lovely husband, this is how the conversation went:

S: What are you doing today?
Me: Well, I have Lorna and Sophie here right now, but...
S: Yes I know you do, what are you doing for the rest of the day?
Me: Not really sure what we'll do...
S: I was thinking could you make a cake and maybe some chocolate fridge cake for the boys tonight? Or whatever really, a cake would be nice though.
Me: hmmmm I'll see what i can do.

But being the lovely wife I am, Eliza shopped and then dutifully made two trays of chocolate fridge cake and a sponge cake with chocolate icing. Brownie points all round I think.

these are a few of my favourite things.....

So today I am going to show you some of my favourite things on the internet right now:

1. This wonderful site is full of inspiration, challenges and information for us women photographers. I find it so inspiring looking at other peoples images shutter sisters.

2. This site is great for sketches and layout inspo too Pencillines

3. One of these is on my Christmas list the vintage pearl

4. Lots of handmade goodness on this lovely site thelongthread

5. And of course here, i need to check often to see what new stash has arrived UKscrappers

04 November 2009


After reading prompt 2 from Shimelles class it really got me thinking about what people read and look for on the internet and kind of spooked me really. I always think the best of people so don't really tend to dwell on the negatives. I don't post some things on Facebook and never get too personal but I still want to be able to record our stories. So after a little thinking, here is one little story:

This photo for me, says a lot, it encompasses everything that I believe a childhood should be about. This was taken on October 17 in Devon and was such a treat given that we had summer weather in the autumn! A real surprise. The boys had gone surfing and I walked to the shore with the girls, in their clothes as they weren't going in the sea. But something took over, the excitement of jumping the waves, the thrill of being wet and slightly cold too. Freya couldn't resist and very soon was in her pants and vest jumping the waves rolling into the shore. I think this is how childhood should be, spontaneous, fun, no inhibitions and no holding back, completely enjoying the moment. This sums up our lovely weekend away, full of fun experiences and time spent well.

I took so many photos that weekend, so have lots to scrap, but this one in particular will be one to start with. Come back to see the resulting page!

02 November 2009

So today is the start of a new class Blogging for Scrapbookers with Shimelle. I only signed up last week as a spur of the moment thing as I have recently started this blog and it sounded like a good class to take. I've taken part in two other classes too, which were great although I didn't actually 'complete' them, but I don't think that matters really.

I guess I want to have a blog that works for me and is a nice place for others to visit too! I won't promise to be here everyday, but hope to keep the place up to date and interesting too. I hope it will be a place to record memories, photos and everyday things, so that I can scrap them later or at that moment.

View of my desk

the layout I did for my Guest Design spot with Pencil Lines

01 November 2009

and the rest:

Oct 31 autumn shadows

Oct 30 trip to the city farm

Oct 29 library time

half term = no time

Having three children at home tends to leave me with no time at all it seems. Although we have the luxury of not being ruled by school, we are out and about and my time here is limited, BUT I have been doing my October POTD, so here are the rest of my shots:

Oct 28 surprise autumn weather

Oct 26 treasures from a walk

Oct 25 autumn day

Oct 24 Pumpkin carving

Oct 23 movie night and popcorn