25 February 2013

Project life

I'm a little slow on this project, but I'm not going to let that worry me, it's supposed to be fun and I knew I wouldn't do every week. Here's a look at my page for Jan 1st!
More to follow, when they are done!


20 February 2013

looking down

I just saw this post from Elizabeth Kartchner's blog about taking photos of her feet, and I thought 'I do this too!' so here are some of my feet photos, I love the stories they tell, all taken over the last 12  months.

Do you do take photos like this? I also take quite a lot of photographs of mine and other peoples shadows!


05 February 2013

Get organised

I definitely need to do this with my drawers!

Saw this over at Heart Handmade UK and it originally was posted at I heart organizing, a lovely site full of great ideas.

Project Life

I love to see all the different people taking part in Project Life and it really inspires me to see their folders growing with  pages from each week. I really don't think I have the time to commit to it each week but I would like to document the year a little better than in the past. I decided I could do it digitally as it's cheaper and more economical and I can just get the 12 x 12 papes printed when I like. Here is my cover page:
Most of the elements come from kits purchased from 'Digital Design Essentials' which have a lovely range of kits, journalling cards, elements etc. They often have freebies and offers if you follow them on FB or Twitter. I really love the clear pockets that give the effect of everything being in pocketed page protectors. I hope to post more pages as and when I've completed them. Are you doing Project Life? Or do you have another way of documenting your weeks and months during the year? Let me know!