27 June 2011

time is running...

.....out! Ok it just feels like it is always running away from me. Seriously, how did it get to be almost the end of June! Got some great photos to post and have been very busy working on some card designs all of last week, ended up doing 17 designs for a card company, but took up all my week. Everything else will be happening this week!

13 June 2011

ECP new challenge up!

A new challenge is up over at ECP, as of Friday, and it's a photo inspiration challenge this time. I loved the photo and was inspired by the colour and the shapes. I made a simple card, but I think its quite effective.

Hop on over and have a go!

12 June 2011

10 things ... done

I am pleased to say I completed my list of 10 things to do, the wedding was fabulous and today we are all recovering and remembering the fantastic time we had and thanking our lucky stars that the wedding wasn't today in this torrential rain!

10 June 2011

10 things...

I need to get done before my friends wedding tomorrow:

1. Give myself a lovely pedicure (as my new shoes really do show my feet off!)
2. Charge camera battery in readiness for the gazillions of photos I will be taking.
3. Print out more colouring sheets ready for children at said wedding.
4. Get the poster I've made for the happy couple printed and put in frame and wrap!
5. Write the card.
6. Practise my reading.
7. Iron my new dress.
8. Apply a light coat of Johnsons holiday sun.
9. Got to have a manicure.
10. Pray for good weather as it's a very rustic kind of wedding in their garden, complete with bunting, tea lights, haybales etc!

Linked from Shimelles post here

09 June 2011

I heart poppys!

I don't know what it is about these flowers, but they are so beautiful and free and sum up summer and loveliness! So when my hubby said he'd spotted two whole fields of poppys I said we needed to go on a photoshoot trip!!! Here are some of the photos: