09 June 2011

I heart poppys!

I don't know what it is about these flowers, but they are so beautiful and free and sum up summer and loveliness! So when my hubby said he'd spotted two whole fields of poppys I said we needed to go on a photoshoot trip!!! Here are some of the photos:


jennifer said...

Ah, lovely photos. I love poppies too, but the only place I've seen some growing is in the front garden of an empty house. I'm quite tempted to sneak in and take some pics but I don't know what the neighbours would think!

Also, I don't think you've spotted that you won the giveaway on my blog! Send me an email with your mailing address at jennifergrace(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk and I'll send a Gentle Romance Handmade Embellishment kit your way! x

Annie said...

I totally missed that, have emailed you now though, thank you!