30 January 2010

THis is WHY I scrapbook, done!

So, here is the little project I did for this challenge from Shimelle, hope you like it!

Cover of my book (above)

page one

page two

page three

page four

I am really pleased with it! I used some favourite things throughout the pages, things I love, which is the whole point of it really. I chose a mainly grey, yellow and pink theme, some Hambly transparencies, October Afternoon papers and die cuts, some Love, elsie bits, some Heidi swapp alphas and OCtober Afternoon letter stcikers, ribbons, buttons and felt! It's all in there!

27 January 2010

Update from last weeks goals:

1. Swim session DONE
2. one other exercise session NO, but I did walk a lot and do some sit ups!
3. Pencil lines layout NO
4. Work on 'This is why I scrapbook' ideas YES!

Not so bad.

This week my goals are:

1. Swim session
2. Finish tax return
3. Finish 'This is why I scrapbook'
4. Contact previous magazine clients
5. Pencil Lines layout

19 January 2010

love this idea

Alongside my new goals for the week, I think this is a great idea! Sometimes my list of things to do is TOO long, so I procrastinate and do nothing instead. This would work well for me I think!

Goal for this week 18.01.10

Thought I'd do this to keep me motivated and then I can report back at the end of each week:

1. Swim session
2. one other exercise session
3. Pencil lines layout
4. Work on 'This is why I scrapbook' ideas

It's nice to know I've already done my swim session for this week!

What are your goals for this week?

14 January 2010

Why do I scrapbook?

It got me thinking this morning, reading Shimelles post and watching her fab video about why I do what I do. I have always loved photographs and taking them. Recently it has become even more important to me, with the addition of my digital SLR camera, I can get the shots I have always wanted to (most of the time). I love being able to look back at my photos and they immediately bring back memories of the time and place they were taken. The addition of words and colour, design and embellishment satisfies the design side of my personality too. As a designed I am always looking at things for their colour, layout and design. I wish I did more, and I hope that this year I can really record our stories, not just because they look nice, but because I hope that in years to come people will enjoy reading them. I'm excited to see what Shimelle has planned for the rest of the month....


Of course, I have also been doing work/craft and other stuff in amongst all the madness. Here are a few things I've been doing...

Quick Cards Made Easy have started a series called 'Stash Raiders' and I have made three cards for this now. This is the first one. The idea is to use only things available in your stash, no new products!

I also entered the Pencil Lines DT search, alas this time I didn't make it, but here is the page I made, which I was really happy with:

I've been working on some lovely paper projects for Quick Cards, but until the mags are published I can't show them, but they were fab to do and I loved the end results too!

January catch up...

It's been two weeks since I blogged last, very bad start to 2010 I think!

We spent New Years Day on a lovely walk with friends.

We had all the excitement that the new year brings, and the back to school feeling too, but then after two days back at school, this hit!

Followed by three, yes three, snow days! But we enjoyed it (mostly) we built snowmen, went sledging and embraced the snow!

Then I flew to Italy for the weekend, along with four friends to surprise another good friend. It was exciting and scary all together. There was a slight risk, that we knowingly took, that we would not be able to fly back to Gatwick on Sunday as planned. But we enjoyed our time together, took some lovely photos, made some good memories and then flew home as planned.

City of Naples with Mt Vesuvius in the background!

So, all back to normal on Monday, but with slush, and then like deja vu, another heavy snowfall on Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning. But we all grit our teeth, the schools opened and we trudged through the deep snow in our wellies!

We are heading for a thaw, and it should all be gone by the end of the weekend. Although it looks amazing and so pretty, I really am done with it now.

So, that's my two weeks, what about yours?