14 January 2010

Why do I scrapbook?

It got me thinking this morning, reading Shimelles post and watching her fab video about why I do what I do. I have always loved photographs and taking them. Recently it has become even more important to me, with the addition of my digital SLR camera, I can get the shots I have always wanted to (most of the time). I love being able to look back at my photos and they immediately bring back memories of the time and place they were taken. The addition of words and colour, design and embellishment satisfies the design side of my personality too. As a designed I am always looking at things for their colour, layout and design. I wish I did more, and I hope that this year I can really record our stories, not just because they look nice, but because I hope that in years to come people will enjoy reading them. I'm excited to see what Shimelle has planned for the rest of the month....

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