14 January 2010

January catch up...

It's been two weeks since I blogged last, very bad start to 2010 I think!

We spent New Years Day on a lovely walk with friends.

We had all the excitement that the new year brings, and the back to school feeling too, but then after two days back at school, this hit!

Followed by three, yes three, snow days! But we enjoyed it (mostly) we built snowmen, went sledging and embraced the snow!

Then I flew to Italy for the weekend, along with four friends to surprise another good friend. It was exciting and scary all together. There was a slight risk, that we knowingly took, that we would not be able to fly back to Gatwick on Sunday as planned. But we enjoyed our time together, took some lovely photos, made some good memories and then flew home as planned.

City of Naples with Mt Vesuvius in the background!

So, all back to normal on Monday, but with slush, and then like deja vu, another heavy snowfall on Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning. But we all grit our teeth, the schools opened and we trudged through the deep snow in our wellies!

We are heading for a thaw, and it should all be gone by the end of the weekend. Although it looks amazing and so pretty, I really am done with it now.

So, that's my two weeks, what about yours?

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