17 November 2009

things to scrap (later!)

After reading todays prompt about using a blog as an organisational tool, it seems like a good idea. I have a lot of photos I LOVE, but then dont get time to scrap them, and then the moment is almost lost. So I have already started going through some photos and saving them in my blog folder to post at some point.

The above picture is lovely as it's Freya's writing and drawing, right now at 5 and a half. She is a girl after my own heart, loves notebooks and pens and pencils. She is always writing lists and little stories. Of course her spelling isn't developed enough yet, but it doesn't matter, it's her journey in creativity I love to see. Her teacher has said that he quietly thinks Freya will be a high flyer and although that's great, what's more important is that she loves to write and to read.

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scrappyjacky said...

This is a great photo....a pemanent memento of Freya's 'doings' at that age.....I wish I'd taken more photos like that.....it would also make a great LO.