05 November 2009


I usually work on a Thursday but because my lovely childminder is on holiday this week, I swapped my days, worked yesterday and so today Eliza and I were at home together. After dropping my other two to school, we came home and pretty soon had some guests, my friend Lorna and her little girl Sophie. Time to catch up, have a cup of tea and of course some cakes. During breakfast I quickly whipped up 12 cupcakes, for us to have!! Quite impressive.

Whilst Lorna was here, the phone rang and it was my lovely husband, this is how the conversation went:

S: What are you doing today?
Me: Well, I have Lorna and Sophie here right now, but...
S: Yes I know you do, what are you doing for the rest of the day?
Me: Not really sure what we'll do...
S: I was thinking could you make a cake and maybe some chocolate fridge cake for the boys tonight? Or whatever really, a cake would be nice though.
Me: hmmmm I'll see what i can do.

But being the lovely wife I am, Eliza shopped and then dutifully made two trays of chocolate fridge cake and a sponge cake with chocolate icing. Brownie points all round I think.

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jennifer said...

I found your blog via Shimelle's class, love your photos! The class is inspiring isn't it - I've just written about 'everyday stuff' too. You've made me want to go and bake lots of cakes though...!