04 November 2009


After reading prompt 2 from Shimelles class it really got me thinking about what people read and look for on the internet and kind of spooked me really. I always think the best of people so don't really tend to dwell on the negatives. I don't post some things on Facebook and never get too personal but I still want to be able to record our stories. So after a little thinking, here is one little story:

This photo for me, says a lot, it encompasses everything that I believe a childhood should be about. This was taken on October 17 in Devon and was such a treat given that we had summer weather in the autumn! A real surprise. The boys had gone surfing and I walked to the shore with the girls, in their clothes as they weren't going in the sea. But something took over, the excitement of jumping the waves, the thrill of being wet and slightly cold too. Freya couldn't resist and very soon was in her pants and vest jumping the waves rolling into the shore. I think this is how childhood should be, spontaneous, fun, no inhibitions and no holding back, completely enjoying the moment. This sums up our lovely weekend away, full of fun experiences and time spent well.

I took so many photos that weekend, so have lots to scrap, but this one in particular will be one to start with. Come back to see the resulting page!

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Gennifer said...

That's a great photo!