03 March 2010

bits and pieces

Recently I've been putting myself out there, trying to get my work a bit more visible and have entered some pub calls and things llike that. It's been fun, some have led somewhere and others haven't but that's fine too. It's been good working with criteria and goals in mind, otherwise it's hard to motivate myself sometimes.

I have had a page accepted for the new Scrapbook Inspirations book which is out in the summer, which is exciting. Obviously can't show that one yet. In fact it was a digi page, which has kind of sparked my interest in digi scrapping again. I have dabbled over the years and as a designer have used Photoshop for 15 years or so, so I am familiar with all it can do, well a little of it!

So here is a page I did over the weekend, and I will post some more over the next week or so.


jennifer said...

Well done for getting yourself out there more, I keep sending things out and not getting anywhere which is a bit disheartening, but I just keep hoping when I do get somewhere it will be something really really good!
Will look forward to seeing your layout in SI book!

Annie said...

Thanks Jen. I think it's important to keep things fun and I guess as I work for some of the craft magazines anyway it's not such a big deal. I would like to get some scrap commissions though.