03 January 2012

Saying goodbye to 2011

The new challenge up at Truly, Madly, Crafty is 'anything goes' for the month of Jan, so basically a free reign on this one. But seeing as it was the end of the year i decided to do a page about 2011 and some of the memorable things we did. I really enjoyed going through my photos and choosing which ones to put on the page, that in itself was a good thing to do. I was really pleased with how it turned out and it is now stuck on the wall in our kitchen/dining room for all to see! Why don't you go and make something and join in the challenge!

There is also a new year long challenge going on, which is the ONE WORD, ONE TECHNIQUE challenge, you can read all about it here. I am really looking forward to getting started on this new journey and hope to do each one so it builds into a nice set of pages/projects! Let me know if you are going to join us!

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