21 January 2013

all white

Much excitement here with a big snowfall during the early hours of Friday morning, which led to the children's school's being shut so a snow day for us! We were out at 9.30am and walked to the nearest hilly spot and did some sledging, playing and just enjoyed the snow, which was still falling hard and heavy! We did a lot of glove changing, hot choc drinking and snack eating. It was fun, the kids did well, didn't get too cold and enjoyed themselves.

The weekend was still full of snowy adventures, a trip to another nearby hillside which by this time was quite muddy, but still enjoyable enough. We built more snowmen, walked through a snowy field and started an igloo in the garden. On Sunday morning we helped clear snow from the infants school in readiness for Monday, love to see the children getting involved in opportunities to help others.

It's now Monday morning, everyone in school and the roads are clear. The walk to school was slippy but we got there in one piece. There is rumblings of another snowfall for Tuesday but we'll wait and see. At the moment the sun is peeping out and a little blue sky can be seen amongst the clouds. It's still strange to look outside and see all the snow. It makes everything brighter.

I'll post some pics later....

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