04 November 2010


I've been putting some time into drawing and painting. I've signed up to the Art, heart and healing course (see side bar) and the videos that Tam has put together are excellent. I've really enjoyed drawing again and spending time on this. This is my first page in my art journal:

I was really pleased with how she came out. I've invested in some watercolour crayons which are fab. Lots more experimenting to do but it's an enjoyable thing to do. Even the children have been drawing and using my crayons, its lovely to see them getting creative too. i bought each of them their own journal which they can use for drawing, creating and writing too.


jennifer said...

This is beautiful. I love all the little doodles, and the lady is so serene. I'm glad you're enjoying the class too. My board book is not going to well at the moment though! x

Which Crafts said...

This is lovely! I've been wanting to get into art journlaing but it's not going so well at the moment!

Annie said...

Thanks guys. I really loved doing it. Jen, I've got as far as putting gesso on my board book! I need to go get some gel medium stuff this week. Maxine, it's the first time I've done anything like this, and I have started on another page too!