13 January 2011

some projects

I do quite a lot of work for some of the UK craft magazines and one of those is Quick Cards Made Easy from Origin Publishing. It's a good magazine with lots of cards and other papercraft projects in it. I have lots of fun with the projects I do for them and get quite a free reign which is lovely. For the January issue I restyled a diary:

For the new issue of Quick Cards on sale now I just did the 'Stash Raiders' section, where the idea is to use up old stash to make a card for someone. In this issue I made a more masculine themed card with a bunting thing going on, I loved it!

I've also been designing some of the papers that are printed into the mag each month, which the reader can use to make cards and other projects. I've just finished a lovely set which will be on sale next month! Keep a look out!


Which Crafts said...

Love that diary, it's sooo pretty :) And that's a great way to include a banner on a card, might have to give that a try!

Annie said...

Thanks MAxine! I liked the banner card, it was fun to make.