28 April 2011

When you feel the photo has captured the memory

I love it when I go through my (many) photographs and find that I am thrilled with how they came out. Last weekend we spent Saturday afternoon with friends at Aston Court, an old stately home with many acres of grounds. It was hot and sunny and we had food and the kids played, it was fab. These are the things I hope they will remember and this is one of the photos I love.

I love the sunlight and the three girls (one not mine) and one boy playing together and enjoying the outdoors, the warmth and the space.

This weekend we are off to the sea and I can't wait for more space, more air and more photos!


Jo said...

That is a lovely, carefree photo

jennifer said...

Hiya Annie, thanks for your comment on my blog. Sorry I haven't been by here so much lately, I went off the internet for a couple of months and am now slowly catching up with all my usual reads!
My baby is due on July 7th, so I'm starting to stress now about how much I have to get done before the arrival!
This photo you've taken is perfect, such a great moment to capture. It's nice to have some of kids playing instead of posing isn't it? Looks like they had a great time! x

Vivienne said...

such an incredible photo!